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October 24 2017



How Obama joked: here is a video of my birth *shows clip from Lion King*

How Trump jokes: haha my vice president wants to kill all the gay people

Hey future historians, please note that although tumblr is a fountain of hyberbolic sarcasm, there is exactly 0% sarcasm or hyperbole in this post.

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i don’t even like this girl that much but these receipts are literally near 6 years old like damn i get that it’s important to call out harmful behavior in the people we make famous but when your “receipt” is a single tweet that’s literally old enough to be in first grade and is a totally different version of someone who seems to now have progressive views regarding feminism/sexuality/gender, you’re grasping for something that literally doesn’t exist anymore.

Sometimes I feel like a lot of people just have the constant need of stop liking things. This comment is gross and fucked up but the fact that people dug six years in the past really tells you a lot about them


yall trying so hard to find something to hate about an openly bi biracial 20 year old girl like maybe you should take the time to consider why that is

At 14 I was posting hateful homophobic comments on facebook, and now, at 22, I’m an out gay guy. Are y'all honestly gonna tell me you were completely unproblematic at that age?

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We should be more pro-active or we’ll see more of such sad fates of honest people.

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I saw this and thought “Join the damn club”

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there’s something endlessly hilarious to me about the phrase “hotly debated” in an academic context. like i just picture a bunch of nerds at podiums & one’s like “of course there was a paleolithic bear cult in Northern Eurasia” and another one just looks him in the eye and says “i’l kill you in real life, kevin”

It got better

I called the Trans Lifeline today.


I was having some issues with my parents, mostly my dad, and once they left the house, I grabbed the phone. The first time I called, no one answered. A robotic voice said something along the lines of “We’re sorry, no one is able to talk to you right now. Please try again later.” So I did. 10 minutes of petting my cat later, I tried again. I was met with someone who said ‘Welcome to the trans lifeline. How may I help you?’ and little me just went “….Hi. I’ve never done this before..” and they laughed and told me what the do- they’re a group of transgender people who will happily help any transgender person who calls. Its for crisis’s or just any issues. They will offer resources and will only call authorities if you give them permission. I introduced myself- my age, name and pronouns/identity. The man introduced himself at Jim (Or John, the connection was kind of bad), he was also transgender male, and we talked for a bit. I told him about my family and experiences, and he was very helpful. He gave me a few numbers in my state that are helpful for me, and I almost cried. We talked for about 20 minutes before my parents got home. I panicked and was like ‘Hnghn my parents are home I really need to go.” and he was like “Okay, Alex. Call back if you need to, I hope this was helpful.” He was totally used to people needed to go quickly, and I felt so much better. 

Trans Lifeline -  877-565-8860

I highly suggest calling this number if you need someone to talk to. It helped more than I thought it would.

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current 24/7 mood tbh


Kidnapping is stealing a person, dognapping is stealing a dog, but catnapping is sleeping.

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when I first started playing overwatch

my twitter here







Cid you know damn well discord will never kill skype while it says “loading dank memes” on start up

I would rather have “loading dank memes” over something that takes up 25% of my CPU and barely functions 

then why the fuck do you still use tumblr


Navajo are 67 times more likely than other Americans to live without running water or a toilet.


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Jealous Siri

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reminder that Channing Tatum is bisexual

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if anyone ever tries to call you immature or insult you for refusing to watch a show after your favorite character dies, kindly point them to the english renaissance. queen elizabeth i was so pissed off when shakespeare killed off one of his side characters that she not only ordered him to resurrect the asshole, she royally commanded him to write another play entirely centered on the character and give him a happy ending

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some of the best game reviews i’ve ever read

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