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February 06 2018






Imagine a dragon at Antiques Roadshow, appraising its hoard

Imagine the dragon hoards monetarily worthless things like newspapers or old bones and the person appraising it getting more and more nervous about telling the dragon their stuff isnt worth anything

Imagine that the dragon knows this and just likes watching the person squirm.

The dragon actually hoards uncomfortable situations




whats the point in playing any game if you can’t be a cute girl

to enjoy the gameplay mechanics

woow i really couldn’t possibly fathom being this boring

The Transgender Scientist Who Changed Our Understanding of the Brain


Farewell, Ben Barres.

“The mere existence of Ben Barres—a successful, brilliant, undeniably high-impact scientist who was unashamed and so graceful in demystifying what being transgender means … he saved lives, I’m sure. Thanks to him, there are countless people who looked in the mirror and said: There’s a place for me in this world.”

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guy who invented the piano: what if we laid a harp on its side and added hammers

musician: you clumsy oaf, you just knocked over my harp with your toolbox!

guy who’s about to invent the piano: oh, haven’t you heard?

how dare you take this mediocre shitpost and make it genuinely funny






when i woke up this morning, my first thought was ‘no one visits my grave anymore’ and i was really sad for a few minutes so i lay on my bed with my eyes shut and then all of a sudden i opened my eyes and was like ‘wait i don’t have a grave what the ****’

are you okay

Am I Ever?

how did you reblog this with the old format and bleep my fuck


Duck: Evenin’ Minerva

Minerva: 🎶🎻🎵🎸🎵🎶

Duck: I don’t even know why I fuckin’ bother

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Submitted by Anonymous

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nsfw post 18+ only




im 16 so i cant even see this post let alone make it so this will have to wait two years

im 17 now only one year left til i make this post guys

i’m 18!


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Morally grey: A character who does too much bad to be a good person, but does too much good to be a bad person.

Sympathetic villain: A character who is a bad person, but whose backstory/character arc makes you feel sorry for or sympathetic towards them.

Anti-hero: A character who does bad things to achieve a good goal.

Anti-villain: A character who does bad things to achieve a goal that they believe to be good, but is actually messed up.

Just plain annoying: A character who does bad things to achieve a bad goal but has one throwaway line about a hard childhood that is expected to put them into one of the aforementioned categories when in reality it just makes them annoying



Luke shouting “STOP” and literally blowing the roof off when rey and kylo touched hands was the biggest Mood™ of 2017


Play fullscreen



My wrist hurts after months of working on this, so please enjoy this product of my pain. Also. Like. MAJOR SPOILERS.


FMAB does breasts right.











Their boobs move. Like…realistically move. As in, the way actual breasts would motion if a woman made that movement without an over the top exaggeration and the camera is framed in a way so that it’s clearly not supposed to be sexual the way most anime would stage it. The scenes in question are meant to be taken seriously so the animators and direction is take things seriously. Either it’s just a character walking down a hall or clapping her hands. 

If this were any other action/adventure anime, the camera angle would’ve been something like this for Winry’s introduction:

This is weird, but what I find so sexy about Riza is, well… How she isn’t sexualized. Like, she isn’t a pure sex object in nonstop sexy outfits. She’s a beautiful military woman, and she dresses appropriately for the role. Along with that she’s NEVER used as the ‘sexy distraction’ trope that women often are used for. She has a good role, she’s a fighter, but also has a kind heart for her friends.

That and more are reasons Riza is my favorite female anime character, and FMAB is my favorite anime.

Well said my friend.

I think there was only one instance of jiggle physics and that was with lust but that was when they were trying to make a joke about havoc having a thing for boobs and the joke was more about havoc than lust having big breasts.

“You fell into my booby trap” (proceeds to paralyze Havoc afterwards)

What I also love is that their boobs are in equal proportion to every other body part. Like, yeah, a character might have bigger boobs, but she also had a big waist/hips/legs/etc to go with it, so the largeness doesn’t feel fake. Plus, they never draw attention to the sexual stuff, and the only exception was the joke with Havoc. And it was posed in a way that made it feel like less of a raunchy boob joke and more of a joke on Havoc and how his attraction to boobs is what led him to be deceived, which doesn’t leave female viewers uncomfortable, or feeling like their body is constantly the butt of a joke, like some other animes do

That’s a good point that I didn’t realize. All of characters in the show have equally proportioned bodies. 

Ed’s muscles get larger as he gets older but never reaches John Cena level of jacked since he’s still under 6 feet tall. He’s always presented as ripped and not ‘bulky’ like Sig or Alex. 

Riza is about the same height as adult Ed, but they have different body styles thus the word for her would be toned. She’s still lean but her muscles and body shape are the same aren’t ‘compact’. 

Fmab follows the basic body designs for males and female characters and doesn’t exaggerate a specific feature to the point where it’s comedic. It makes it’s bed, and lies in it.  

Every time I see a girl in just about any other action/adventure (shonen) anime I just think:

“is your back okay? You need a doctor? Hey Thomas! Call Lucy a chiropractor!”

or better yet:

“Good Lord! Get this man a sandwich!”

The only real exception to the whole body proportion thing is ALEX LOUIS ARMSTRONG

But his ridiculously bulky muscles are used largely as a comedic element, in which the overly toned nature of his body is commented on as the “freak of nature” kind of idea and definitely not presented as if that’s some kind of expectation for anyone else in the show. 

#fma#whispers: its bc a woman made it


honestly the high fantasy genre is suffering because authors can’t stop ripping off tolkien and basing their worlds off the same few shitty medieval european countries complete with Historically Accurate Misogyny™, HF has so much untapped potential for creating beautiful and diverse and interesting worlds and authors just squander it by rehashing middle earth over and over

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Source: Ed Markey

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shocker, it’s not just amazon…

fucking hell.



hot take: stop telling young girls that they’re “becoming women” when they start going thru puberty - because they’re not! it’s incredibly creepy and absolutely false. they’re still children. forcing kids into that kind of mindset can and will set them up for dangerous sexual encounters at 13, 14, 15.

little girls are not women!!! grown men need to shut the fuck up and stop using “you’re a woman now” as an excuse to abuse young girls!!!!!! stop telling little girls they’re becoming women!! stop pointing out when girls as young as 8 need to start wearing bras or commenting on a 10 year olds breast development you fucking freaks!!

terfs/radfems dont touch this post it’s not for you.

PLEASE reblog this version instead. so many terfs have reblogged the version w/o the disclaimer at the bottom and i hate it, i dont want radfems touching this. it’s not for you, i don’t support or appreciate your radical ideology and im nonbinary myself. stop reblogging this.

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